Mineral resources

The Company has experience with solid mineral deposits as well as with oil and gas deposits. For our clients we are offering a wide range of services in the field of mineral deposits exploration.

  • Planning, organization and supervision of exploration works;
  • Exploration data processing;
  • Mineral deposit modeling;
  • Evaluation, classification and elaboration of mineral reserves;
  • Concessions evaluation;
  • Concessions and licenses management;

The Company processed deposits in Serbia, Bosnia, Russian Federation and Iraq and Lebanon.

Tekon has realized a number of projects in this field . The most prestigious achievement of the Company in this field is modeling, calculation, classification and elaboration of lignite reserves for Kosovo and Metohija lignite basins, assessment of feasibility of a concession for an oil block in Iraq and several oil deposits in Russian Federation.

In order to provide an excellent service to our clients, we selected and tested numerous well experienced geologist, which are engaged whenever their specific knowledge and experience is needed.

The Company also provides wide range of mining engineering services:

  • Mine development - conceptual solutions;
  • Mine design;
  • Feasibility studies;
  • Ore quality management projects;
  • Audits of actual mining works;
  • Optimization of existing mining works;
  • Project management and supervision;
  • Mining equipment construction - supervision and management;
  • Preparation of technical specification of mining equipment;
  • Tender development and evaluation;
  • Environment services in mining;
  • Mineral market research;
  • Mine operation
  • Development and optimization of management systems according to international standards.

The most prestigious achievements of the Company in this field were:

  • Project management consultancy for construction and startup of EUR 85mln worth excavator-belt conveyor transporters and spreader in Tamnava -West Field opencast mine as sub-contractor of RWE POWER INTERNATIONAL;
  • Assessment of value of RTB Bor deposits and mining works;
  • Concession feasibility assessment for several deposits in Iraq and Russian Federation, etc.
  • Development of quality, environment and health and safety management systems according to standards requirements ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 in RB KOLUBARA (Lazarevac, Serbia), and in Lignite mine “Stanari” from Republika Srpska (BIH).

In order to provide an excellent service to its clients, the Company developed a network of very experienced associated experts that are deployed when their specific knowledge and experience is needed.

Tekon has realized a number of projects in the field of exploration and mining.