Management consulting

Services we provide

In order to help its clients introduce more efficient management systems, Tekon provides a wide range of management consulting services such as:

Our approach

Our ‘turnkey’ approach appeared to be the most efficient way of development and implementation of appropriate management systems.

Development stages are usually as follows:

  • Assistance in forming of working and auditing teams;
  • Training the management and working teams;
  • Compliance analyses (GAP analysis);
  • Development and implementation planning;
  • System documentation drafting based on interviews with employees and system analyses;
  • Revising the system documents until they are accepted;
  • Training the personnel for system acceptance and implementation;
  • Internal auditors training;
  • Technical support to the audit team during the first internal audit(joined control);
  • Technical support during accreditation body selection and contracting;
  • Technical support until the certificate is obtained.


Our experienced consulting team avoids scientific approach, and strives to reduce quantity and complexity of paperwork to the minimum, in order to improve rather than hinder the business process. The main purpose is not simply getting the certificate, but improving efficiency and profitability.

Tekon helped a large number of organizations, both domestic and international to obtain their certificates.