Renewable energy sources

Tekon recognizes that renewable energy usage is not a matter of future but of the present moment. To that end we actively monitor the achievements on this field, especially wind energy utilization. Tekon conducted a study “Assessment of technical potential of wind in Serbia for electricity generation” supported by Elektroprivreda Srbije and Ministry of Mining and Energy. The study assessed technical capacity and identified most promising zones for wind farm development. On behalf an international partner, Tekon conducted a detailed assessment of wind potential in Vojvodina, East and South Serbia (around 42.000 km2) with numerical modeling based on very detailed topography model and ten years measurement data. This study allowed a more precise identification of perspective zones for wind farm sitting, based on wind data, quality and availability of grids and other necessary infrastructure. Based on results of the detail assessment Tekon, with its international partner, incorporated project oriented joint venture company ENEL ENERGIJA d.o.o. Beograd, in order to develop a wind farm project in Serbia. The company constructed automatic weather station on December 1, 2009. and successfully conducted one-year measurement.


So far the results are very promising. Tekon is expected to finish the analyses of wind quality until the end of the year. Tekon acts as a wind farm project developer and calls all parties interested in potential cooperation to realize similar projects. We are capable to provide the following to all potential partners:

  • Wind farm sitting;
  • Land management (acquisition, renting, lease);
  • Acquisition, import and transportation of measurement equipment to location;
  • License obtaining, automatic weather station construction, measurement support and automatic weather station dismantling;
  • Grid permission obtaining;
  • Resources assessment;
  • Wind farm conceptual solution with pre-feasibility study;
  • Wind farm design;
  • License management;
  • EIA conduct;
  • Technical support and supervision during the construction process;
  • Technical support and supervision during a commissioning stage.

We call all potential partners to contact us about possibility for cooperation on this field.