From its beginning, the company has developed significant number of software applications. In most cases, those were specialized software applications for tasks within the project we were engaged in. In this way, the following applications were developed:

  • Optimization of open pit production – special software application which enables planning of optimal open pit production of lime and marl having in mind complex spatial distribution of quality categories;

  • Diagnostic software for evaluation of efficiency of energy utilization – special software tool which is based on real system model with relevant database – it enables to perform the evaluation of utilization efficiency of electrical and thermal energy in various systems and to identify and roughly quantify improvement possibilities;

  • Optimization of district heating system – software application based on real system model of district heating with relevant database, which enabled the evaluation of utilization efficiency of system and identification and roughly quantification of possibilities for improvement. Software has been used for analysis of different development scenarios (what-if analyses), as well as analysis of different technical performances of network parts or for the whole network.

Besides special applications, Tekon has developed and applied business information systems for various industries in Serbia.

At the beginning of nineties, Tekon has developed business information system which has been applied for more than 10 years in cement factory “Novi Popovac”.

In the period 2001-2002 for ŠTAMPA KOMERC Tekon has developed a business system for newspaper distribution (as well as for other goods) in client’s retail system, which reached great success by decreasing the time needed for planning, preparation, packaging and delivery of goods in retail network.

At this moment, Tekon proudly emphasizes two originally developed software products:

  • CleanAir is an air pollutant emission monitoring application that operates in real time and evaluates the impact of air pollutants on the projected areas. It enables chronological analyses of measurement results for the selected time period as well as generating the legislative-conforming reports for the relevant authorities of the Republic of Serbia (The Ministry, Environmental Protection Agency). Fast adjusting to any national reporting system is supported. It also enables reporting in conformance with the EU directive on large combustion plants. Application has been developed for ELECTRIC POWER INDUSTRY OF SERBIA and it works in TPP NIKOLA TESLA A.

  • WasteBase – software application which enables evidencing, planning and waste management, for various analyses of waste flows and automatic report generation for the relevant authorities of the Republic of Serbia (The Ministry, Environmental Protection Agency). The reports are generated for a few minutes and absolutely suites legal requirements according to its form and content.

Additional information about above mentioned applications are available on pages CleanAir and WasteBase or from the download.