For the needs of the biggest TPP in Serbia – TPP Nikola Tesla, Tekon has developed software application for monitoring and assessment of industry facilities influence on air quality in surrounding environment.

CleanAir application is based on pollutant emission and immission and relevant meteorological parameters monitoring in real time.

Basic application capabilities are as follows:

  • Acquisition of results of continuous measurement of air emissions in real time, regardless the complexity of measurement network (if needed, Tekon may help in order to establish hardware for data acquisition in real time);

  • Evidencing of measurement results in database – all measurement results are kept and saved in central SQL compatible database. Databases are adjusted to the topology of measurement network;

  • Data extraction – identification, sorting and extraction of subsets of measurement results which satisfies one or more given criterions. Extracted data can be exported into other widely accepted formats in order to further process them with another software tool;

  • Real time data review – review of all the measurement results on appropriate screens including generation of relevant warnings in cases of emission exceeding;

  • Data analysis in real time or for given time interval – application enables analysis of measured data in real time or for given time interval. Besides predefined analyses, software enables data export in various formats in order to further process them with another software tool;

  • Impact assessment in real time or for given time interval. Based on continuous monitoring of emission, relevant meteorological data and immision measurement, CleanAir enables polluters impact assessment on air quality;

  • Generating of reports for relevant authorities – CleanAir creates the reports for various authorities (Ministries, Environment Agency, and Environmental Fond) whose form and content corresponds to legal requirements. It is possible to adapt the reports for other national standards.



Additional information can be acquired from the download page.