Tekon has developed software application WasteBase for waste tracking for the needs of Electric Power Industry of Serbia.

WasteBase is distributed information system for industrial waste management, in accordance with actual legal requirements, using EU standards.

This application enables:

  • Unique record of waste movement within the company, regardless of number of facilities and complexity of distribution;
  • Usage of simplified and localized waste classification system in internal communication within the company and legally prescribed classification in external communication / reporting, where the software automatically converts one system to another;
  • Waste records according to EU waste classification - EWC (European Waste Catalogue);
  • Data analysis of waste tracking from the place of waste formation to the place of waste dismission /discharge;
  • Data extraction – identification, sorting and extraction of subsets of measurement results which satisfies one or more given criterions. Isolated data can be exported into other widely accepted data formats in order to further process them with another software tool;
  • Monitoring of financial parameters connected to waste management (expenditures and incomes);
  • Automatic warning for forthcoming activities based on calendar waste characterization and user defined warnings used for reminding on single activities;
  • Easier control of temporary waste storage within the company;
  • Easier communication with authorities and relevant inspection;
  • Almost immediate report generation for various authorities (Ministries, Environment Agency, and Environmental Fond) whose form and content corresponds to legal requirements. It is possible to adapt the reports for other national standards.


Additional information can be acquired from the download page.